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Struggle Against Racism

Colorful Café

 What is it like to live in Japan as a person of ethnic minority? Each month we will host a café event where guests can, in a relaxed, deep-listening space, share daily experiences and put into words their vague feelings about life as an ethnic minority in Japan. We plan to hold the 1st Colorful Café on September 28(Thu). This program is organized in collaboration with National Christian Council in Japan/Committee for the Human Rights of Foreigners in Japan and Gaikikyo (National Christian Conference for Promotion of a Basic Law for Foreign Residents).

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Struggle Against Racism List

Youth Programs

Youth Café July 21, 18:30~

 “What is hope?” This is a question sometimes heard from young people. By shedding light from many angles upon minority issues, we seek to foster a loose network of thoughtful youth. Paying attention to the interests of participants, this Café will adopt different formats, like mini lecture or concert, photo exhibition, film viewing, prayer etc. We would also like to broadcast via internet “radio” when feasible.

Café event #1 will take place July 21 (Fri), 6:30PM, when we welcome Mr. OHATA Yutaka of Nonviolent Peaceforce (, who will lead us in a Non-violence Training Workshop.

Café event #2 will examine the Jinruikan Incident of 1902. Following a presentation by Mr. KIM Kyongho of Gakushuin University, participants will engage in free discussion of the incident’s facts, its roots and its long-term significance.

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Developing a Spirituality of Reconciliation and Peace

Joint Festival

 Prayer, Dance, Theater, Gospel music, Worship… Bringing together a variety of elements, we will coordinate a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural festival to celebrate the beauty of every person and community.

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Developing a Spirituality of Reconciliation and Peace List